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I think it's time to call a halt to the kitty litter/no heater/what-color
is-the-water-in-your-bucket wars.  The vast majority of posts on this, or
any, list come under the YMMV heading; what works in Karen's tanks may or
may not work in mine.  We (should) all know this.  If I decide to use cat
poop as a substrate, find that - in my tanks - it works wonders and post
about my miracle discovery to this list, so be it.  Of course, people are
welcome to chime in about all the reasons this *shouldn't* work,
potential problems that I may not know about or glossed over, etc.
HOWEVER, this should be done in the spirit of spreading information, not a
all-out, go for the jugular, attack.  

Also, these arcanely technical debates are somewhat interesting but really
not relevant to the list.  The refraction and transmission indices of
water are certainly applicable in this area but the minutia are not
meaningful in a practical sense *to this list*

Finally, the arrogance factor on this list is way high and always has
been.  Fortunately, much of it is arrogance to which the parties are
entitled (IMO) but please bear in mind that arrogance does not have to
equal slash-and-burn text composition.  We all know what we know; we can
"share" that information with the other subscribers on the list, defend
our positions with whatever ammo is appropriate (texts, empirical
evidence, etc.) but we do NOT have to be jerks about it.

In short, cut it out.

Cynthia Powers
Owner, APD

P.S.  Before the screaming starts:  No, I am not promoting the use of
feline feces as a substrate or substrate additive. :)