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Re: Apon Bulbs

> From: Dirk 
> Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 16:51:47 -0600
> Subject: Apon Bulbs
> In a retail shop yesterday I saw "Apon Bulbs $.49".  So I bought one.  It
> has begun sprouting.  How do I plant it?
> There isn't, I don't suppose, any way to tell what variety it is from bulb
> shape, is there?
> TIA,
> Dirk

You can tell the species by the shape and size of the bulb to a cirtain extent.  
However, the kind of bulbs bought in shops are often hybrids of the most popular apons. 
 This makes them easier to grow as they are used to aquarioum cionditions.  The chances 
are the ones you bought will be crispus hybrids or (I belive) elongatus - a broad leaved 
apon.  As far as planting goes bury them up to the top of the bulb.