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Dan not using a heater

>On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 Dan wrote:
>> >I am the empiricist who uses the kitty litter as a substrate and
>> >Osmocote for fertilizer in the kitty litter/ covered by sand.

Plus you said you didn't use a heater. I can understand this as you live in
Florida. I live in the "warm" part of Canada on the West Coast. Even so, in
winter the house temperature drops to 60 degrees or lower (furnace doesn't
run all day and won't come on unless it gets down to 57). As my aquarium is
near a window and our 50s house doesn't have double-paned windows I don't
think the fish would be too healthy without a heater. My point is that
while *you* can get away with not using a heater due to were you live, you
shouldn't phrase it to sound as though a heater is an unnecessary, hi-tech
frill for everyone.

in Vancouver