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Re: against the flow.

> From: Craig Bingman <cbingman at netcom_com>
> Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 13:59:53 -0800 (PST)
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #590
> On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 Aquatic-Plants-Owner at ActWin_com wrote:
>  The fact that you get
> by without heaters may be because the temperature of your house is >better regulated than some, or that the mean temperature is higher or >lower. Which one?  I don't know. 
Its neither, but a much better answer than a previous post that suggests
heaters are needed because everybody uses them. Everybody at one time
thought the Earth was flat. Closer to home (this hobby), during the 50's
through most of the 70's "everybody" used charcoal in there filters. I
was the lone dessenter (at the time) that published articles and did
national workshop for retailers that called charcoal (coal)a fraud. I
took major heat from retailers, manufactures and most of all from
distributors who were selling tons of it. These were also my customers
which made my stand all the more delicate. The only challange I ever got
was that I must be crazy because everybody has been using charcoal for
decades with no harm. What never dawned on them is that they could get
the same results with gravel.
  I don't consider heaters a fraud. I do suggest that most tropical fish
and plants don't need them if kept inside a house or business. There are
circumstances I do suggest heaters. Discus is one of those, but I have
kept them in a chilly 70-75 deg. water with no harm. Anyways, I haven't
used heaters in years. If everybody else wants to use them, thats fine
with me as well as the mfgs.
> It is important for an empricist to completely document their setup.
 I think I do a fair job on my web page. I posted it once in here and
don't think I should do it again.

> If you want to be the champion of kitty kitter and osmocote, you need > to tell people more about the conditions in your system and other > > relevant parameters.
 What I would like to do is supply free plants to a few folks that are
in a position to set up a test and weigh growth under the same
conditions except for substrate and fertilizer. My cheap kitty litter /
Osmocote  covered by sand method vs Dupla substrate and Dupla fertilizer
or any other companies. If there is any takers, e-mail me with your
Dan Quackenbush 
on how you would set up the experiment.
Dan Quackenbush
> Craig
> ------------------------------