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re: new CO2 system

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From: "Spencer, James R." <SPEJ0 at towandarad_sylvania.com>
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Subject: RE:new CO2 system
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 97 14:46:00 PST

>The system uses a stick of carbon and electrodes to produce CO2 and H2
>gases.  One question is:  Is the H2 gas any danger given all the electrical 
>appliances nearby?  After all the discussion about CO2 collecting under the 
>hood of someone's tank and killing the fish, I think this could be a
>legitimate question.

The hydrogen produced would be of no concern.  Hydrogen is very hard to 
contain because it is lighter than air and diffuses very rapidly (4 times 
faster than O2).  You would purposely have to devise a system to trap 
hydrogen even to get enough to burn.