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Re: [APD] LED Lights

Cree just announced a new LED emitter that can provide 200 lumens per watt. That's some serious efficiency. An LED system using these emitters would be able to produce the same amount of light as an AH Supply 55W kit using just 24 Watts and last 5 years on a 12-hour light cycle. That's a cost you have to factor when considering LED. Consider electricity and bulb replacement savings. At my electricity costs each 55W power compact replaced with an LED would save me about $95 in electricity and about $75 in bulbs over the life of the LED. So even $800 for the equivalent of 220W of power compact lighting (a moderately bright 72g tank), you are saving money in the long run (not to mention reducing your carbon footprint).

On 1/1/2013 9:27 AM, Richard Wickboldt wrote:
Hello all and Happy New Year.  I am presently reviewing my light systems for
my two heavily planted fish tanks.  I presently use Coralife T5 HO strip
fixtures for a 2 - 3 watt/gallon environment.  This has worked well for me
for many years.   Except it seems the fixtures fail too often.   Seems the
transformers just don't last very long.  So with LED technology around these
days; I was wondering if it is a viable choice for the keeping of plants.
Does anybody have any thoughts and/or suggestions on LED lights for keeping
a healthy planted tank.  Does anybody use LED systems? They seem so
expensive also.

Jerry Baker
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