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Re: [APD] CO2 and Algae

Higher plants have roots. This is their enormous advantage over algae, and
it's the reason plants DO outcompete algae in the water column - they are
supported by nutrients from the substrate to which algae do not have

Therefore, for the maxim "add more CO2" to be the best advice for an algae
sufferer, I think these together are necessary and sufficient conditions: -

1. A well-planted tank;
2. The plants having good root systems.
3. With a fertile substrate.
4. Good lighting.

I suspect most people with algae will likely be failing on all four counts,
so adding CO2 will not help them.

CO2's effect on the pH and phosphorous adsorption may assist but is unlikely
to be sufficient alone.

Macrophytes without strong root systems may still outcompete algae by having
more efficient nutrient transport and better storage systems, and in the
case of floating plants, by excluding light. But I suspect the equilibrium
in this case will not be so far in favour of plants that there will be
exclusively -- and good -- macrophyte growth.

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