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[APD] CO2 and Algae

rugby_ox2002 wrote:

< Therefore, to preclude the
< phytoplankton growth, it is effective to decrease nutrient
< levels in water, especially phosphorus.

It's interesting to note that in substantially lit and planted tanks with added CO2 or even liquid carbon products, decreasing nutrient levels in the water column produces disastrous results in terms of algae growth. I've never really understood
why, but I do know from many years experience that it's true.
Keeping PO4 levels around 1ppm seemed like madness 10 years ago
but if you're a planted tank junkie and tried it, you'll know it's the truth.

Do the plants out-compete the algae? I don't know, it's a black art for sure !
I stopped worrying about the why years ago, now I'm just happy with the
lush green growth and minimal algae

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