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Re: [APD] CO2 and Algae

Plants utilize nutrients more efficiently than algae but also (to
oversimplify) are more complex and take in nutrients (C(O2)/N/P/K)/light in
some ratio. Algae is the result of this balance being out of whack, 'eating'
whatever the plants don't, so the addition of CO2 will reduce algae growth
in a situation in which it is the limiting factor. On the other hand, some
folks experience plenty of algae in a CO2-supplemented tank. Adding CO2 in
such a case wouldn't help -- N or P or light or whatever is the limiting
factor would address the issue in this case.

Like Stuart says, Tom Barr's got good infos. I've had great success with the
EI (Estimative Index) method, when I can stick to it.
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