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Re: [APD] Heater

I'm not following the suggestion to set one a few degrees off of the other.
Seems like making one of them do the bulk of the work (since their lifespan
seems to be related to the number of times they turn on/off) seems like it
would just serve to burn one out quicker while the other is relatively
unused.  I've always just put them at the same temp, at different areas of
the tank, hopefully reducing the temperature differential.

> On 2008-10-16T13:00:33, Chris Ferrell wrote:
> > > Get 2 heaters and set them a few degrees apart - say 2.  That way, one
> > will
> > > typically "carry the load" of heating the tank and the second will kick
> > on
> > > if the ambient gets too low and a second one is needed.  What this adds
> > is
> > > an easy way to see how each is working.  If your backup turns on, then
> > your
> > > backup failed or it's colder than usual (provided they are reasonably
> > well
> > > sized).  If it's colder than usual, your wife will have probably
> already
> > let
> > > you know - so check your primary heater to see if it's broken.<http://www.actwin.com/mailman/listinfo/aquatic-plants>
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