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Re: [APD] T8 LED tubes drop in replacements

Same problem here Stuart. The weather has gone berserk! Our coffee crop is
one month early and small beans. Rain when none expected and Sunshine when
we need rain. Hope the plants adjust! Or I'll have to work in a call center as
"Roger" heh heh

>I believe Raj wrote this email section below:
>> It will really different! What I'd  like to do is have a solar panel powering the
>> LED lights of the aquarium directly. No need for a timer!
>Maybe in your country that is possible.
>Here it is either cloudy or rainy.
>The last 2 years it's been very grey virtually non stop.
>And no snow at all. Well not in the lowlands of Scotland anyway.
>We'd love some days of sunshine!
>Stuart Halliday

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