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Re: [APD] plant trade, sale or give-aways

Gitte wrote:
> I have noticed it too.  There used to be way more discussion.  If I may say
> so (at the risk of incurring the wrath some), to me this list often seems
> more like a "chemistry" list, than an aquatic plant list, but hey, we all
> have a 'delete' key.
I'm a Computer Scientist by trade and tend to be attracted to things 
that have enough detail for me to get a real
appreciation of the whole picture. The chemistry parts of it make me 
feel good about all the the chemistry that I took
in High School to the chagrin of the non-nerds. i.e. Everyone but 
myself. :-)
> Also, is it possible people are nervous to post things because they've seen
> others get slammed and it just doesn't seem to be worth the trouble?
I will admit that this is the reason I don't even think about posting to 
the list. I'm here to learn and even though I don't
get 'slammed' the responses to my questions always leave me confused as 
to what was it I said that was either stupid
or ignorant. I'm on this list to learn and I don't take reponses 
personally but I always wonder why do some of the
regular posters seems so impatient with the very people who are going to 
be the future of this list?
> Just my 2 cents worth.
> Gitte
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