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Re: [APD] plant trade, sale or give-aways

This may be true of this Newsgroup.. but I disagree that they die. I am in 
a several other NG and they go thur an ebb and flow but the core group 
stays put because this is a much better way of exchanging information than 
a forum. along with not having to be nagged by ads. I am not saying that 
Forums are not valuable. You just have to go there it gliss any information 
where a NG comes to my email and I can glance at it and decide what I find 
as important. Granted I don't post here often.. and that is because of ......

>No, its been steadily declining for several years, just like newsgroups
>which died much sooner. Forum WEB sites like www.aquaticplantcentral.com
>have grown at a huge rate with high traffic, and their for sale trade forums
>have gotten very busy, to the point where soon even aquabid will become

The following.. Sure I can understand this is what you do at work.. talk 
chemistry.. but when a this NG deal with high level vernacular and 
anachronisms all the time the newbie is intimated in asking a question or 
requesting help. I got chased away cuz I didn't know what some of these.

But all this is IMHO..

I have been on the list for a few years but don't post very often. And I
think I am one of the chemistry posters, but hey, that's what I do here at

Hey John..

Try this as see what happens.. Get a power head that has an air tube intake 
mix up some sugar water and yeast in a 2 liter bottle hook it up and and 
let the yeast do what it does best..make C02.. My mix for 3 liter bottles 
of Sugar water  is 900ml of water to 6 cups of sugar..(Unrefined) then 
add  350ml water with 1/2 teaspoon yeast ..mixed at 105 Degrees F then plug 
this into my power head.. Lasts for about 2 weeks.. So simple even this 
Tiny little mind can't mess it up..LoL

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