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Re: [APD] bark and no bite

>>Damn, Robert the web is annoying enough without you havig to
caliptalize it :-)<<

HAHA, very funny Richard! You know next January will be my ten year 
anniversary on the WEB!  You should be used to it by now!

>>In my mind the jury's still out on ceder. I've used it with no problem,
in fact it seems to be a substitiute for other plant materials for
doing the blackwater thing. I've also seen poeple claim it cured disease.<<

Well I know there is a guy on aquabid selling cedar driftwood. I always 
thought he was crazy. I LOVE cedar furniture. My grandfather, (long gone 
now) used to make cedar chests. We could keep blankets and sheets in it and 
they would have this wonderful cedar smell.... I loved it!

Robert Paul Hudson

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