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Re: [APD] bark and no bite

>and contains no toxins or tannin. Phil Edwards a few years back documented 
>his use of cork bark in an article on my WEB site.

Damn, Robert the web is annoying enough without you havig to
caliptalize it :-)

>There are barks you would want to avoid in the aquarium... cedar, which is 
>toxic, and pines and other woods that have pitch.

In my mind the jury's still out on ceder. I've used it with no problem,
in fact it seems to be a substitiute for other plant materials for
doing the blackwater thing. I've also seen poeple claim it cured disease.

So I'm not personally willing to say avoid the use of ceder root in aquaria
although I have no experience with ceder bark in fishtanks. I do know that
ceder shavings for small furries are considered toxic to them these days
despite still being able to buy bags of the stuff as small animal bedding.

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