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Re: [APD] bark and no bite

>>Hi Mary, the bark from Aquaticmagic looks very much like virgin cork
bark. Cork bark is a sustainable resource; the bark can be harvested
from the trees every 8 or 10 years without harming them. It's also
very inert and safe, or wine makers and orchid growers wouldn't be
using so much of it.<<

Oh thats what you are looking at? The guy in Malaysia? No surprise he 
doesn't know what kind of bark it is. You don't have to order something like 
that from Malaysia. You can buy corkbark REAL cheap right here in the USA. 
For 50 bucks you can buy enough raw corkbark to last the rest of your life. 
Just do a search on corkbark and you will find a couple companies selling it 
direct from their tree farm. They also process it into cork products.

Robert Paul Hudson

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