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Re: [APD] intellectual property

>>Good question...............EI was being heavily discussed and I felt that
it was Tom Barr's story to tell....and not swiped and published by somebody
else.   If I did a rewrite or update of that book, I would probably ask Tom
if it would be ok to include.<<

Well its nice that you want to do that out of respect for Tom, but unless 
you copy  some writing of his, there is no need for it. A person can not 
claim ownership of an idea or method, particularly when it becomes 
widespread. Scott Hieber has written about the EI method in Aquarium Fish 
International magazine and I wrote about it in my column in Freshwater and 
Marine Aquarium magazine. I didn't make it my own, and it certainly was not 
to rip off anyone, but it was a simple discussion about a widely used method 
by hobbyists on the internet. Its like the first person to figure out a DIY 
yeast C02 system. Just because someone came up with the idea and put it on 
the internet, it doesn't mean nobody else can ever write about such a 

Maybe Mary Sweeney could weigh in on this since she is the former editor of 
TFH and currently a book editor for Microcosom...

Anyone see the April issue of TFH magazine yet? :)

Robert Paul Hudson

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