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Re: [APD] Fluoride (Harry Martin

Moishe Wasserman wrote:

> You dechlorinate the water...  Why not deluorinate?

I never have dechlorinated my water, even when I used to receive city 
water. My plants and fish did just fine.

>> If that is the consensus, then why is city water still spiked with fluoride?
> For the same reasons circumcision was standard routine in North
> America until recently.  Either because of eugenicists' maliciousness
> or scientific 'non-science'.

Let's stick with water. Only about half our population is male.

>> You didn't specify what fluoride or kind of fluoride, so to be blunt
>> with you, try being more specific. I'm not a chemist and never claimed
>> to be. I go by what I read in the popular press and science journals. I
>> don't make my living researching the stuff.
> Scientific American or one of the other popular mags did a blow out on
> fluoride recently.

What kind of blow out? I missed that article.

>> Never heard that, as I never heard of anyone getting sick from a natural
>> supply.
> Fluoride is from the halogen family of metals.  You've got the four.
> Chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and iodine.  Chlorine is safe in small
> amounts and iodine is necessary.  Iodine added to flour but more
> recently replaced by the toxic bromine.

fluoride then, should be safe in small amounts.

> Fluoride is bad for your brain to say the least.  hitler and stalin
> were known to use it in the camps and gulags to chemically lobotomize
> the victims.

In small or large amounts?

>> ...Fluoridating water is the next step in
> eugenics.

Have you seen the movie "Doctor Strangelove"?

>> You asked, a few of us responded. Sorry if I'm not as informed as you
>> are. As far as I'm concerned, this is a great venue for debate when it
>> comes down to questions about water, whether we drink it, or fish swim
>> in it, or plants grow in it.
> In that case I'll indulge in this.
> The jist of it is that it's possible ...<SNIP>
> Let the debate roll.

I don't have the time or expertise to debate chlorine or fluoride.
Personally, I don't want to drink spiked water. I stopped drinking 
spiked water when I moved to Casper now that I get my water from a well.
It tastes better. I bottle it and take it to the city with me because 
city water tastes bad.

When I lived in the city, my planted tank thrived on frequent water 
changes straight from the tap. I never dechlorinated or defluorinated 
any of it. I have a Madagascar plant that grew like a weed in the city 
water. I still have that plant and it still grows like a weed in the 
well water. Quite frankly, I have no idea why the plant continues to 
thrive. All I know is what I see. My plants thrived on a chlorine and 
fluoride rich city water supply.

I guess the bottom line here is we can debate this issue until the cows 
come home. What works for some aquarists may not work for others.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY
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