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Re: [APD] Fluoride (Harry Martin

Harry Martin wrote:

> Well, you did ask the question,

> "Has anyone here ever taken steps to filter fluoride for (more
> importantly) their drinking water, and since this is a forum for
> aquaria plants, for their aquariums???

> Drinking water. No I don't filter my drinking water.
> Since I don't filter my drinking water, it gets used in my aquarium.

You dechlorinate the water...  Why not deluorinate?

> If that is the consensus, then why is city water still spiked with fluoride?

For the same reasons circumcision was standard routine in North
America until recently.  Either because of eugenicists' maliciousness
or scientific 'non-science'.

> You didn't specify what fluoride or kind of fluoride, so to be blunt
> with you, try being more specific. I'm not a chemist and never claimed
> to be. I go by what I read in the popular press and science journals. I
> don't make my living researching the stuff.

Scientific American or one of the other popular mags did a blow out on
fluoride recently.

> Never heard that, as I never heard of anyone getting sick from a natural
> supply.

Fluoride is from the halogen family of metals.  You've got the four.
Chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and iodine.  Chlorine is safe in small
amounts and iodine is necessary.  Iodine added to flour but more
recently replaced by the toxic bromine.

Fluoride is bad for your brain to say the least.  hitler and stalin
were known to use it in the camps and gulags to chemically lobotomize
the victims.

> So why is it still being used. Seems like the dentists of the world
> would push to have it removed so they can make more money fixing teeth.

For the same reason hospitals still ask you to sign a form if you want
to circumcise your kids.  Fluoridating water is the next step in

> Yea, so, my kids were breast fed.

That's good.  Some people like to supplement breastmilk with formula.

> You asked, a few of us responded. Sorry if I'm not as informed as you
> are. As far as I'm concerned, this is a great venue for debate when it
> comes down to questions about water, whether we drink it, or fish swim
> in it, or plants grow in it.

In that case I'll indulge in this.

The jist of it is that it's possible corporations of the past did not
know the dangers of fluoridating water with the toxic kind of
fluoride.  The fact is, they lobby heavily for fluoride in the water
because the moment they stop doing it, they'll be hit with a flurry of
lawsuits, so they have to make it seem like it's still allright.

The overwhelming majority of Europe has rejected fluoridating their
water because they're not stupid, and several states in the US are
fighting it.  There was a story in England about the government
wanting to fluoridate certain cities in England and the cities
fighting vehemently against it.

As for your teeth, I quote the August 9th, 2007 statement of The
Professionals' Statement For An End To Water Fluoridation which you
can read here:


And I quote:
"The CDC's concession, in 1999 and 2001, that the predominant benefit
of fluoride in reducing tooth decay is TOPICAL and not SYSTEMIC. To
the extent fluoride works to reduce tooth decay, it works from the
outside of the tooth, not from inside the body. It makes no sense to
drink it and expose the rest of the body to the long term risks of
fluoride ingestion when fluoridated toothpaste is readily available."

Let the debate roll.
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