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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 54, Issue 24

Moishe Wasserman wrote:
> I'm no chemist, but perhaps someone like you or Liz with a privileged
> education would care to explain to us common folk what fluoxetine
> hydrocholride is.

On the other hand, salt is sodium and chlorine - two of the most toxic 
elements, but somehow we manage not to die when we eat it. The 
properties of individual elements in a compound do not necessarily 
transfer to the compound.

> Your argument "Yea it's bad for you so don't go drinking a bucket of
> it" is idiotic.  You don't go polluting the city's water with arsenic
> because it's only 1 ppm.  If you need to get rid of your toxic
> byproducts, pay to have this done.  The people's drinking water is not
> a waste disposable.

There are lots of things that are good for you in small doses and toxic 
at higher doses. I can think of all kinds of vitamins that will kill you 
at high dosage, but promote health at low dosages. The same can be said 
for aspirin. Nature abounds with examples.

Jerry Baker
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