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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 54, Issue 24

Ok, where do we start...

> Fluoride hexasilicate? Those are two anions. They can't form a compound.
> You need an cation and anion to form an ionic compound.

Thanks for the correction Jerry.

> To this I respond, you are almost right. The countries you are referring
> to are actually filtering out that which dissolved the calcium fluoride
> into the water to start with and as a by product of that filtering
> process, the calcium fluoride is also removed. It is also funny, even in
> the banned countries, if we give them the fluoride and they don't have
> to pay for it, then they decide to add it.

I read otherwise on fluoridealert.org.  The country referenced was
Morroco I believe.

> (The word you were looking for here was undebatable as undebateably is not a real
> word)

English is an ever changing language.  Playing with suffixes is
acceptable in conversation, as long as it sounds plausible, and you're
being reasonable.  Also, don't forget where you borrowed your phonetic
alphabet from.  (Hint:  It wasn't the "Phoenicians")

> While I will agree fluoride hexasilicate is toxic, so is water in high enough doses. So are
> most medicines given to extend our lives or to make us well.

In that case, would you care to explain to us the corrolation between
these three facts:

1)  All the school shooters in the past few years, have been on prozac
amongst other psychotropic drugs
2)  The main ingredient in prozac is FLUOxetine hydrochloride

I'm no chemist, but perhaps someone like you or Liz with a privileged
education would care to explain to us common folk what fluoxetine
hydrocholride is.

Your argument "Yea it's bad for you so don't go drinking a bucket of
it" is idiotic.  You don't go polluting the city's water with arsenic
because it's only 1 ppm.  If you need to get rid of your toxic
byproducts, pay to have this done.  The people's drinking water is not
a waste disposable.

> To this I respond, A very good attempt at giving only part of the truth.

Whilst you are an expert in all forms of spelling the word "debate",
you are pure at debating.  You submit that the APA is against it, and
then you quote their conflicting suggestion to supplement the child
SYSTEMICALLY with fluoride drops.

Do you think for yourself or does the APA think for you?

The AAP has also held the position until recently that circumcision
has some kind of health benefit in an industrialized nation, now they
say it's not necessary.  Does this mean that they were retroactively
correct?  No.  Morris Fishbein, the aspiring clown, ran the AAP in the
60's and he propagated this kind of propaganda.  Hell, until 20 years
ago, most doctors didn't even understand the function of the male

The last part of your email contains one long parapgraph that it seems
was cut and pasted.

I hope you're not one of those "doctors" that encourages young mothers
to administer certain vaccines from certain multi-use vials that
contain thimerosal as a preservative.

Doctor Watford, no offense, but it is time for you to hit the library
and start indulging in the latest medical journals.

I knew a doctor by the name of Herman who used to give me his old Mayo
Clinic cds years ago, I can hook you up if you want.
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