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[APD] OT: Rolling your own

I believe E Christopher W Hotte wrote this email section below:

> Hmph. I thought I was in this for a quite a while with my first access 
> to a machine was either a TRS80 or Commodore PET.

Ah.. I remember how we sniggered at people buying computers ready made and 
already in a container no less. In the UK we made our own with the smell of 
flux in our nostrils. :-))

I remember a few years later later getting presented to the Queen and her 
husband, as myself and a friend had set up the very first personal computer 
in a new 'modern' school for Scotland. Apple II IIRC.
The local council recently tried to close the school down. Has it really 
been ~30 years?

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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