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Re: [APD] Time to move on?

I believe Raj wrote this email section below:

> I think that APD old timers should initiate a new FAQ on aquatic planting.
> I think that it will keep us busy for some more time.

People rarely read FAQs without prompting.
They exist so that people can say - Go read the FAQ in a smug tone! :-))

One of the reasons we started the Aquarium Wiki Encyclopaedia. Anyone can 
put the FAQ in there, you don't need any special web knowledge.

> As I'm from the old IT world when a 4K bytes was a *lot* of text these sites 
>> are very wasteful.
> The Basic language interpreter required only 4K or less to run!

That's after my time. I had to work with a computer that had 256 bytes of 
RAM. You could upgrade it to 512 bytes for a large sum...
Cambridge Mk 14 IIRC.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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