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Re: [APD] people are busy I guess...

At 01:59 PM 10/15/07 -0400, you wrote:
>I think lots of folks have moved on to the web sites for info and

A lot have, I frequent APC too, but still regard this place as "home".

APC is where people think different colored bulbs grow algae or make
some whit of difference. We know better here. 

Plus, messages come to you here, as opposed to you have to go to some website
to pick up "private messages" - which frankly just don't scale. How many
websites can one reasonably be expected to keep track of a login/password for?

1 is easy. 10 is rough. 100 is impossible. I still don't believe there's
no way for website public messages and private messages to end up in
ones normal email box. Of course this was more relevant back when
everybody had an email program on their computer, not some webmail
atrocity like hotmail where the disctinction gets blurred.

Plus one could argue every question one could ask has been discussed
(often to death) and the answers are well understood to those that
have been here for a decade or more. What's left to discuss?

But as you can see by the flurry of messages today it doesn't take much
to get it going again.


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