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Re: [APD] Time to move on?

>I believe Pete wrote this email section below:
>> I think lots of folks have moved on to the web sites for info and
>> discussions.
>Very true.
>In the beginning we used mailing lists to discuss issues and problems.
>Nowadays people coming onto the Internet tend to use the Web browser as 
>their first tool of choice to find out things and of course come across 
>these web forums, phpbbs, etc.

I started my own list on Yahoo about 5 years ago to address area specific
issues for us. Now there are less answers from advanced aquarists, the
attitude is "read the archives *&%^&%"... one does get tired of repeating
the same advice.

I think that APD old timers should initiate a new FAQ on aquatic planting.
I think that it will keep us busy for some more time.

>As I'm from the old IT world when a 4K bytes was a *lot* of text these sites 
>are very wasteful.

The Basic language interpreter required only 4K or less to run!

>I prefer good old fashion mailing lists. But forums are prettier and seem to 
>be the tool of choice for the younger age group regardless of my view.

I agree, signal to noise is low in those forums. Mailing lists are much more
efficient and easier to wade through. I'd stick with a list!


>Maybe time to think about moving to a Forum based web system if all the 
>young aquarists are there?
>Stuart Halliday
>200 Million years in the making...

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