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Re: [APD] 8 year old Trace element mix

I also have the six pack, and coincidentally, I also got it in '99 or
'98.  Yes it's still good.

As a side question, has anyone experimented with using HCL in PMDD to
increase it's shelf life out of the fridge?

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> Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 07:42:53 +0800
> From: Sn!per <sniper at home_net.my>
> Subject: [APD] 8 year old Trace element mix
> To: APD <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> A friend gave me an unused trace element in powder form that he purchased from Homegrown Hydroponics way back in 1999. This is the #6 stuff from http://www.hydroponics.com/info/aquatics/pmdd.htm , ie:
>  #6 Chelate Trace element (Fe 7%, B 1.3%, Mn 2%, Zn 0.4%, Cu 0.1%, Mo 0.06%)
> Since the mix is already 8 years, can I safely use that stuff to fertilize my aquatic plants?
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