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Re: [APD] people are busy I guess...

<<A lot have, I frequent APC too, but still regard this place as "home".

<<APC is where people think different colored bulbs grow algae or make some
whit of difference. We know better here.>>

That's the problem in a nutshell - "We know better here."  "We" know so much
that there is no need to discuss plants.  Because of that, "we" are free to
display our knowledge of physics and chemistry to each other, and compete to
see who can top whose pun.

Not to defend or support APC, but their "Science of . . . " sections contain
a lot of excellent material, that kind that used to be posted here, years
ago, and the "El Natural" forum there has shown a lot of people that there
is a good option to high tech aquariums.  

This was once a vibrant list that was exciting to visit.  But now, while
"we" might know better, not many people care.  


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