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Re: [APD] LED Technology (again)

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> Well guys, after many years of being and LED naysayer (and correctly 
> IMHO), I think we're finally getting there. Several LED manufacturers 
> have LED emitters on the market right now with efficiencies between 80 
> and 100 lumens per watt. In addition, advances in LED phosphor 
> technologies have created LEDs with somewhat normal spectral distributions.

Ahh we're getting there.

> The efficiency and spectra appear roughly equal to other forms of 
> aquarium lighting, but maintaining 70% of rated output after 50,000 
> hours places these LEDs far and above other lighting sources in terms of 
> length of service. All that is left is for costs to come down to sane 
> levels.

Once household lighting shops gets hold of them the costs will come down.
Look at the price of CF bulbs now. Less than a quid for a 60W CF now.

But I can't see daylight LED bulbs in peoples houses. I tried them once and
my wife was horrified at how it 'changed' the colour of everything.
I could spot my house from miles away at night. It was the only white light 
and stood out like a lighthouse!

One company I know where I work are working on a prototype ceiling tile LED 
affair. You slot the tiles in place of the normal office tiles and you have 
virtually parallel light with little to no shadows. Looks very nice and very 
I can certainly see household lamps getting radically redesigned. So this 
will be a huge market.

> Current cost of the referenced LEDs is about 0.16 cents per thousand 
> lumen hours, but the cost of typical CF bulbs (assuming 5,000 hours) is 
> 0.08 cents per thousand lumen hours. The initial investment in LED 

> ... By then LED 
> manufacturers expect to achieve near theoretical limits of efficiency at 
> around 300 lumens per watt.
> Any comments?

It will be the product cycle of rechargeable batteries all over again.

I wonder if LEDs are better for global warming or are CFs?
I guess LEDs use less materials to make and easier to dispose of.

 > emitters is very high at $370 for the equivalent of a 55-watt CF, but
 > they will last for about 11 years on a 12-hour day cycle.

After 2-3 years you'd probably want to buy the latest LED technology as it
will no doubt be so much better than the last generation... ;-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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