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Re: [APD] LED Technology (again)

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> Once household lighting shops gets hold of them the costs will come down.
> Look at the price of CF bulbs now. Less than a quid for a 60W CF now.

Very true. The technology is growing by leaps and bounds almost monthly.

> But I can't see daylight LED bulbs in peoples houses. I tried them once and
> my wife was horrified at how it 'changed' the colour of everything.
> I could spot my house from miles away at night. It was the only white light 
> and stood out like a lighthouse!

That's funny. I tried them too and my living room window stood out. The 
contrast made my window look blue. Any thoughts I had that the lights 
were too blue were dashed when I was taking a shower one morning before 
dawn and I saw a glow in my hallway. "It is WAY too early for the sun to 
be up," I thought to myself. It turned out to be the daylight bulb was 
on. Fooled my unconscious, so it must have been a close approximation.

Philips new Rebel LED emitters come in cool white, warm white, and 
daylight colors. Of course the phosphors necessary for anything other 
than the daylight color reduce the lumen output somehwat, but there are 
warm white LEDs that are still in the range of 75 lumens per watt. They 
would make ideal under-cabinet lighting, and shower lighting.
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