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[APD] LED Technology

Well guys, after many years of being and LED naysayer (and correctly 
IMHO), I think we're finally getting there. Several LED manufacturers 
have LED emitters on the market right now with efficiencies between 80 
and 100 lumens per watt. In addition, advances in LED phosphor 
technologies have created LEDs with somewhat normal spectral distributions.

The efficiency and spectra appear roughly equal to other forms of 
aquarium lighting, but maintaining 70% of rated output after 50,000 
hours places these LEDs far and above other lighting sources in terms of 
length of service. All that is left is for costs to come down to sane 

Current cost of the referenced LEDs is about 0.16 cents per thousand 
lumen hours, but the cost of typical CF bulbs (assuming 5,000 hours) is 
0.08 cents per thousand lumen hours. The initial investment in LED 
emitters is very high at $370 for the equivalent of a 55-watt CF, but 
they will last for about 11 years on a 12-hour day cycle. By then LED 
manufacturers expect to achieve near theoretical limits of efficiency at 
around 300 lumens per watt.

Any comments?


Spectrum of Atlas LED NT-42D1-0425 (Daylight)

Atlas LED Data Sheet

Atlas LED Prices

CF lumen ratings

Jerry Baker
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