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Re: [APD] ADA diffuser and bottle

I don't really know what to do with the old bottles but if you need a 
bubble counter, the best method I know is to let the bulb of the 
diffuser fill up with water. You can let it set in a cup of water with 
no tubing attached, hold it under a strong faucet or just turn the gas 
off (when it is in the tank) overnight and it shoudl fill up.


Mike Luchsinger wrote:
> While we are on the subject of diffusers...2 questions.
> My first ADA system 74 bottle emptied and I am having a hard time  
> throwing it away.  I realize that they were not made to be refilled  
> but I hate to send it to the dump.  Anyone have a creative idea of  
> what to do with these things?
> Second, my mini diffuser works great but I don't have a bubble  
> counter installed right now and was wondering what my bubble stream  
> should look like.  It was a single or double stream for the first  
> bottle but that seems like too little.  Anyone have a pic or link as  
> to how it should look?
> thanks
> mike
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