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[APD] Cold hardiness of crypts (with notes on other plants)

You know, for a tropical plant these things really are cold hardy. I was
away from home for 3 months in the depts of winter here and winter here can
hit -44 (at which point F and C are the same). My dad was supposed to keep
an eye on things and tried to save me money by turning the heat down a bit.
The water in my tanks was a few degrees above freezing when I got back.

Every fish died. No snail did. Every crypt except balansae dropped all its
leaves and looked dead. "blassii" and pontiderifolia seem to have vanished
but several forms of x willissi, undulata (?) "lucens", petchii, all sprang
back. I have a couple now putting up leaves again that I don't remember what
thay are.

Any expensive stem plamt croaked. All the cheap ones survived. Java fern,
java moss, crinum and anubias didn't seem to even notice. Tropical lilies
croaked and I"m hoping may come back.

A few years ago I had some C. albida in emerse culture outside (I can't grow
them submersed but they went nuts in soil) that caught a ligth but killing
frost. The leaves were all turned to much but once inside they came back
just fine.

Ludwigia seemed to enjoy it and didn't miss a beat, similarly so for common

Just another data point...



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