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Re: [APD] looking for plants

At 11:13 AM 6/14/07 -0600, you wrote:
>Good  day
>  My name is Nick , I live in north central Saskatchewan .
>I'm hoping to find some plants to buy . for some tanks I'm  setting up .
>They have been down while my kids aged .
> For the hillstream tanks  I was looking for , Cryptocoryne 
>chrispatulavar retrospiralis or
>simaler plant . Also  looking for, Vesicularia montagnel ' Christmass moss '
>Vesiculavia ferrei ' weeping moss ' .
>For the breeding and hatching tanks any moss other than  Java .as I have 
>that .
>would be nice .It is many miles to a good pet store from here .
>Thank You

Call Harold Slater at The Menagerie petshop in Toronto. I'm pretty sure he'll
ship within Canada. He usually has those plants or can certainly get them.


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