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Re: [APD] tanks and marriage

Oooooer! wood roaches! You must be kidding! :-)

On a serious note one must be highly honoured to 
have a spouse with a same or similar hobby or one
who is  completely neutral to it. Its another thing to
fight over who gets what aquarium .. or.. "get that
thing out of my house" extremes.

Its good to have a hobby, not all of us can go and 
fight to save the rain forest but we can obsess
with our hobbies. It makes us a better spouse and
better human beings.. and keep off the better 
halfs back! Specially if you are retired.

But, everything must have limits!


>No fair! I've been stuck at 2 for years now. After I
>added the amphibian tank (okay, so 3, but one's
>terrestrial and doesn't count) and batted around the
>idea of breeding wood roaches in our 650-square-foot
>apartment for frog food, I was informed that it would
>be a dealbreaker. I still struggle to understand why.
>who must go feed two angry cats...
>Raj wrote:
>> I was telling someone that I had some 15+ aquariums
>> and other miscellaneous water containers..
>> He asked "and you are still married ?"
>> Raj 

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