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Re: [APD] AhSupply

I have a 20H (labeled an 18H but same dimensions as a 20H, go figure) and
have a 36W AH Supply kit over it.  I run it with Excel only at the  standard
label dosing rate.  I wouldn't hesitate to run a 55W over it if I were using
CO2.  At 36W it is relatively low maintenance.

The tank is set up oddly -- there is a quarter inch layer of soil on the
bottom covered by 1.5 inches of fine gravel -- and is currently a plants
only tank.  I dose NPK in the water column.  The water that comes out of the
tap here is close to pure, with essentially no minerals in it.  I decided to
try the soil underlayer to see if and for how long it would provide trace
minerals.  So far, so good as growth is very nice without dosing trace.  I
think it also helps even out nutrient availability when I get sloppy and
don't dose for a while.

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