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Re: [APD] New Madagascar Lace Pics

I believe Harry Martin wrote this email section below:
> As hoped, the new flower has popped out of it's pod.
> We got lucky and caught the opening on camera.
> http://harrymartincartoons.com/images/aquaticplants/ML_Flower_20070225_1.jpg
> http://harrymartincartoons.com/images/aquaticplants/ML_Flower_20070225_2.jpg
> http://harrymartincartoons.com/images/aquaticplants/ML_Flower_20070225_3.jpg
> The amazing thing to see is the stem. It remained flat along the top of 
> the water surface until today. It made a curl to angle the flower up out 
> of the water to make sure it was above the surface. The stem is about 3 
> feet long.

Nice pictures.

I had one that grew a flower and I asked Tropica about propagating it.

They told me it take 4 years for a seed to develop into a bulb.

This site says once it flowers it dies back. Mine certainly did.

Stuart Halliday
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