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Re: [APD] Madagascar Lace (Richard J. Sexton)

RE: Madagascar Lace (Richard J. Sexton) Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 42,
Issue 21

RE: why this plant produces the lace like structure of the leaves.
It is interesting! I am not sure that somebody really knows that for
I have some hypothesis!
It stabilise the leaves in the fast running rivers where it lives!
Without the holes - the plant will destroy the leaves by flapping up and
There is some interesting article about the physiological part of the
development of the holes (PCD) at this page (programmed cell death ;):

RE: how to pollinate the flower and make it produce seeds:
It is easy! Just pull the flower up and down trough the water surface -
the pollen will flow out on the water and pollinate the other flowers
(best if you have two flower stem from different plants - but as far as
I remember it also function wit different flower from the same flower
stem). The seed will then later develop at the flower stem!

RE: Information about the plant in general!
I was on Madagascar just a few months ago (December 2006) together with
Christel Kasselmann and we visited 5 different localities of A.
madagascariensis. I am at the moment writing articles about that and it
will later be published on the net! Just two exceptional notes from the
trip: Aponogeton madagascariensis also grow in rivers with high
temperature over 30 degree Celsius = 86 degree Fahrenheit. It is not
what normally is written about this plant. Al observations were over 25
degree Celsius = 77 degree Fahrenheit. I was summer at that time but it
is still interesting!
Another interesting observation was plants with leaves over 1 m and
flower stems more that 2 m height!

Best regards
Claus Christensen

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