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Re: [APD] Madagascar Lace

As you say the plant can't read - I've never seen them do well so close to 80.

Have you measured the temperature of the water?

I dunno if this will work but you might try saving pollen from various
flowers. Perhaps there's a chance it can't sef-fertilize from the same
flower. This is just a guess though.

If you get a chance and send me some pics I can put a couple online instantly.

Cheers (and good going)

At 09:42 AM 2/21/07 -0800, you wrote:
>On Wed Feb 21  6:14 , 'Richard J. Sexton' <richard at aquaria_net> sent:
>>What temperature is it at and how big is it? You got pics?
>Hi Richard.
>I keep my tank at 78F.
>The plant is growing pretty fast. When I last looked at it, the longest leaf is
>about 15 - 18 inches long. Two more have sprung forth, and the pod has reached
>the surface. It should spring the flower any day now. I'll have to setup a web
>page for it so I can get the pics on line. I've had this plant since about 1998
>and have lost count of the flowers. I never pull the lace plant out for dormant
>I have been browsing old/archived posts from the list and finding some
>interesting reading about this plant. All I can say is that my lace plant
>know how to read.  ;-)  
>I have experimented with DIY CO2, different light bulbs, and soils.
>One thing I did notice about my plant is that it really comes to life right
>a water change. So, I am now in the habit of making weekly water changes (10% -
>20%). The plant grows like a weed when I do this.  At one point in time, I was
>pulling leaves out from the bottom just because it was taking over my tank. The
>roots spread everywhere and get quite long.
>Here is my setup:
>55 Gal acrylic tank, no tight fitting covers.
>100W heater set to 78F.
>Soil is a mix of medium to small natural gravel plus the usual fish droppings.
>The lace root (bulb?) is completly burried and right next to a rock cave for my
>dwarf pleco and khuli loaches.
>2 x 45 Watt 48" cheapo Wally Wurld light bulbs.
>12 hours of light on a timer.
>2 hanging box filters (lots of turbulent water).
>Weekly vacuum cleaning of the top layer of gravel to keep algae in check.
>A few snails and fish (Gourami).
>Other plants which I fail to identify.
>Hard well water (untreated city tap water works just as well).
>No CO2.
>2 tablespoons of liquid plant fertilizer after each water change.
>Fish get fed sporadiclly (like, when I remember to feed them).
>House temperature can get to a low of 51F before my furnace kicks on.
>That's it.
>The leaves seem pretty tough. I'd just like to know *why* they are so
>Maybe somthing about their habitat gives their leaves an advantage to survival.
>I'll get that web page up.
>Harry Martin
>Casper, WY
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