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Re: [APD] Exercise and Smoking

Jerry B posted:


'As far as smoking and jogging: exercising as a smoker generally leads to 

a longer life than non-smokers who do not exercise at all. So there is a 

benefit. Just a nit."


And Bill replied:


> I'd like to see a supporting reference for that, otherwise it is

> misinformation and probably harmful to some folks.


And Jerry B. responded with a quote and a link to the source:


"The findings from the present cross-sectional study suggest that 

chronic smokers may be able to negate, at least in part, the adverse 

effects of chronic smoking on the peripheral vasculature by performing 

regular physical activity."


bstract&list_uids=16046216> &db=pubmed&dopt=Abstract&list_uids=16046216


And Bill answers:  That citation is to a study that compares the "health" of
smokers who exercise to that of smokers who do not exercise, not to that of
non-smokers.  Sedentary non-smokers on the average are much healthier than
exercising smokers.  Ask your doctor.


I don't want to be picky, but I watched a woman in her early 40's die a
horrible death due to tobacco-induced lung cancer, and I have a friend in
the prime of life who has CPD and emphysema, and has a good chance of
developing the same disease.  There have been others.


So, folks, don't smoke and don't kid yourself that your lifestyle makes you
immune to the damage it does, 'cause it doesn't.





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