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Re: [APD] Exercise and Smoking

bill wrote:
> So, folks, don't smoke and don't kid yourself that your lifestyle makes you
> immune to the damage it does, 'cause it doesn't.

You are confusing two conditions. No one suggests that you can exercise 
away the damage smoking causes, but you can be outlived by a smoker who 
exercises if you are a sedentary non-smoker. The only conclusion that 
can be logically drawn is that failing to exercise will shorten your 
life more than smoking would if you did exercise. If you don't smoke AND 
you do exercise then it's even better.

Despite the damage tobacco smoking does, it does have some interesting 
beneficial side effects like a strongly decreased risk of Parkinson's 
and Alzheimer's. That doesn't mean smoking is good, just that everything 
in life has two sides to it.

You won't fall dead from having to smell a cigarette at a restaurant, 
nor will your undertaker have a party if you smell smoke on your way 
into a building. There has always been a highly irrational and morality 
police-type group of people opposed to smoking (and other vices). The 
fact that smoking causes health problems has only given them something 
to latch onto in order to make themselves appear more reasonable. The 
fact remains that they wish to force other people into behaving the way 
they wish.

And I'm a non-smoker. Born again at that ... after 17 years of smoking. 
Been quit for four years.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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