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Re: [APD] Planted tank urban myths - aerial roots

Yes, it is hard to keep in mind that we are growing plants in a very  
abnormal setting, and what we want them to do may well be far from  
what they would do in a natural setting.  Perhaps we should just say  
that many stem plants grow aerial roots in profusion in most tanks in  
what we consider normal conditions for such tanks?


On Dec 15, 2006, at 2:50 PM, S. Hieber wrote:

> The condition in a "wild" or natural setting might be a clue or  
> not. The conditions under which a plant grows in the "wild" are not  
> necessarily the only or even the best conditions.
> sh
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> Before I would call this an urban myth I would want someone who has
> seen these plants in the wild to comment on whether there are aerial
> roots then too.  I notice in my tank, the obvious, that not all stem
> plants grow aerial roots to the same extent.  Some species grow them
> profusely, others hardly at all.  But, I haven't seen any reason yet
> to attribute their growth to stress, nor to having no substrate
> roots.  I do know that plants of all kinds, both aquatic and
> terrestrial, are capable of absorbing nutrients through the leaves,
> so aerial roots are not needed for that.
> Vaughn
> On Dec 15, 2006, at 10:00 AM, Greg Fiske wrote:
>> The one response to the aerial roots question that gets posted on
>> forums that never seems right to me is that aerial roots are
>> perfectly normal.  If it is perfectly normal, then why, in my well
>> established (for 3 months) tank, do I never get aerial roots?  To
>> me it is an indicator of stress.  For example, I left my controller
>> off during maintenance on my tank.  My rotala "green" responded by
>> sending out fine roots (interesting that they were finer than
>> normal).  Maybe the plant is trying to move and search out a better
>> location?  Maybe the plant is trying to get nutrients from the
>> water column?  The last one I mention because the other time I
>> notice aerial roots is when I've planted the tops of my rotala
>> green.  It seems like since the gravel roots haven't developed, the
>> stem plant is trying to get nutrients from the water column.

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