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Re: [APD] CO2 drop checker

I believe Vaughn Hopkins wrote this email section below:
> The solution in the bottle that comes with it is essentially the same as 
> that supplied by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals in their pH test kit, with 
> bromothymol blue as the indicator.  It takes very little bicarb to get a 
> KH of 4 in 100 ml of distilled water.  I put maybe a 32nd of a tsp in 
> about 4 ounces of water, and got a KH of about 5 or 6.  So I added more 
> water, and rechecked it and was extremely lucky to hit KH4 exactly.  I 
> wouldn't use test strips for this.  You need to be accurate to about +/- 
> .25 in KH, and that means using 4X the measuring test tube amount of 
> water and counting drops as .25 KH per drop - using a AP test kit where 
> one drop equals one degree of KH doing a normal test.
> I suggest you search for the amount of bicarbonate of soda needed to 
> raise the KH by one degree - I have seen it many times, but I can't find 
> it right now.

Many thanks Vaughn. :-)

I'll look up what bromothymol blue is and where to get it when I run out of 
my current solution.

Stuart Halliday
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