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[APD] CO2 drop checker

I believe Vaughn Hopkins wrote this email section below:

> So, these devices separate the measurement of CO2 in the tank water  
> from any parameter of the tank water except the amount of CO2 in the  
> tank water.  That is a major step towards accurate CO2 measurement.   
> Just because it is simple, non-electronic, and an old device, does  
> not keep this from being a great idea!   (It isn't my idea,  
> incidentally, although I wish it were.  All I have done is recognize  
> why it works, try it out, and publicize it.)

I got mine a month ago from a UK retailer and it had the worse sort of 
instructions included. ie a colour chart and nothing else.

Aquili Permanent C02 test.
Glass phial looks nice however and is quite cheap.

So I'm finding this article very useful. Thanks Vaughn. :-)

One thing though.
You wouldn't know how much bicarb to say 100ml of distilled water give a KH 
of 4d ?

I'd hate to go through a load of KH test strips, they're kind of expensive.

Any idea what the solution in the supplied bottle is?

Stuart Halliday
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