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Re: [APD] water changes more than once a week with EI

You can do weekly, bi or tri weekly water changes etc or even
daily water changes with EI based dosing.

You just dose after the water change.
Many Discus folks do this 2x a week 590% because that's what
they'd done prior anyway.

Most tanks that get 2-3x a week 50% water changes need dosed
just after the water change only.

This type of dosing provides **far more accuracy ** than any
test kit a hobbyist might ever buy.

How? You are making a reference solution each time and removing
the (possible) build up. The reality is that more often than
not, the build up is very small since plants also consume and
assimilate the nutrients.

We use reference solution to check the accuracy of the test
kits, so this method is highly accurate and the remainder of the
50% of the tank is within a 2x range(reality is about one dose's
worth or so) so at least 50% of the tankj is a ref solution.

Want more accuracy? Do more water changes and larger %.
Some do 80% some do 30%, you have less or more accuracy
depending on the frequency and/or the % changed each time.

Obviously this implies with more of either, accuracy goes up,
with less, accuracy goes down.

Tom Barr

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