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Re: [APD] sword root tabs -- or- Poking at substrates

Aqua Botanic wrote:
> That is an even more ridiculous statement than your previous post. At least
> in that post it was infered. So now you are looking down your nose at the
> people who responded to the original question saying how well Jobes and
> others have worked for them?  How is using a root tab old thinking?
> Fertilizer is fertilizer.  Plants feed on nitrogen. Put nitrogen in the
> substrate  AND IT MAKES THE PLANTS GROW!  Duh!  EI is a fad. PMDD is a fad.
> Adding nitrogen or minerals to the substrate is just that... feeding the
> plants.. How about answering the guys question Scott instead of calling him
> "outdated"?

I don't think Mr. Hieber was trying to imply that root feeding was not a 
valid way to feed plants. I believe he meant that it was superfluous if 
one is dosing the water column. Or, in other words, it is no more or 
less effective than dosing the water. I think he was referring to the 
idea that root feeding was a *requirement* was old-fashioned.

Jerry Baker
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