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Re: [APD] sword root tabs -- or- Poking at substrates

>>This got me to thinking that there might be some real merit where you
are trying to give the plant(s) in question a higher dose of nutrients
than the rest of the tank. I can see wanting to give my swords a lot of
nitrate and not wanting my hygro to have access to so much.<<

YES! Its called spot fertilizing. Maybe one particular plant can use the
boost where others do not need it. How about a tank that only has two or
three swords in it and that is it, no other plants?  Do you want to mess
around with fighting algae and adding ferts to the water when you can just
use tabs? Any slow growing rosette plant, Cryptocorynes, Crinums,
Nymphaea....  I do not see anything  "old thinking" about that. And so what
if it is.   If it ain't broke, why try and tinker with it? Just because the
current plant messiah doesn't preach it don't make it obsolete.

Robert Hudson

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