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Re: [APD] sword root tabs -- or- Poking at substrates

>>Actually, I don't really think root tabs are literally *old-fashioned*; I
don't really think it's a fashion thing. I think it's *old thinking* like
fear of carbon and excess concern about substrate material. I think the
value of root feeding versus water column feeding is inherited from "dry"
gardening, adopted into aquatic gardening based almost entirely on myth and
a pinch of anecdote.<<

That is an even more ridiculous statement than your previous post. At least
in that post it was infered. So now you are looking down your nose at the
people who responded to the original question saying how well Jobes and
others have worked for them?  How is using a root tab old thinking?
Fertilizer is fertilizer.  Plants feed on nitrogen. Put nitrogen in the
substrate  AND IT MAKES THE PLANTS GROW!  Duh!  EI is a fad. PMDD is a fad.
Adding nitrogen or minerals to the substrate is just that... feeding the
plants.. How about answering the guys question Scott instead of calling him

Robert Hudson

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