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Re: [APD] sword root tabs -- or- Poking at substrates

I'm not looking down my nose at anyone. I can disagree about techiques without it being personal. Disparaging a technique and disparaging people's character are two diff things. I'm not even sure how I could get from one to the other with a wild non-sequitor or two. I think the reason some folks use root tabs is because people try to sell them tabs -- and the other reasons I mentioned. That doesn't mean I think poorly of any of anyone. It means that I'm one of the folks telling them they probably aren't going to gain much by buying them. Some folks are saying one athing; some are saying another -- that doesn't mean any personal judgements are being made. We're adults and can disagree without feeling any need or desire or purpose in throwing stones at anyone's character.
As for EI being a fad. Bell bottoms are a fad; open-end adjustable wrneches are useful tools. If you think EI is more like the former than the latter, then perhaps you are using your wrenches the wrong way.
The EI technique is possibly the single most successful and broadly adopted method for aquatic gardeing -- it or rougly some variation if it. It's terrific way to start out newbies and is roughly where most aquatic gardeners that don't have dirt tanks end up -- few stick with a regular regimen of testing. Tom Barr might seem a fad/fashion maven to you, and indeed I surely have seemed rediculous to more than one person, so be it. 
I believe you meant implied", when you used "infered". I mention it only because I enjoyed that remark. It might be the first time in as long as I can remember that anyone suggested that I pull any punches when I speak. Just goes to show, if you live long enough, even with a big mouth, sooner or later someone will think you're not being outspoken.

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That is an even more ridiculous statement than your previous post. At least
in that post it was infered. So now you are looking down your nose at the
people who responded to the original question saying how well Jobes and
others have worked for them?  How is using a root tab old thinking?
Fertilizer is fertilizer.  Plants feed on nitrogen. Put nitrogen in the
substrate  AND IT MAKES THE PLANTS GROW!  Duh!  EI is a fad. PMDD is a fad.
Adding nitrogen or minerals to the substrate is just that... feeding the
plants.. How about answering the guys question Scott instead of calling him

Robert Hudson

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