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Re: [APD] Automatic fish feeder


I used a feeder of the type that has portions of food on a horizontal disc 
that rotates by a clock drive motor. The food gets pushed around the disc 
until it falls into the tank. The one problem I found was that the humidity 
in the tank caused the food to get wet and gummed up the feeder. It was a 
mess. The feeder does have provision for an airline to be attached to blow 
dry air through the unit. I never tried this. I also don't use the feeder 
anymore as the fish don't need it in my tank over a weekend, or even for 2 

Jerry Smith

>Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 13:14:46 -0400
>From: Donald Hellen <donhellen at horizonview_net>
>Subject: [APD] Automatic fish feeder

>We're thinking of buying an automatic fish feeder,

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