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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 35, Issue 8

Okay, then you covered that base. I didn't know you had gone that low.  I've never been able to operate below about 15 psi either. 
I wouldn't say the Clippard is poor quality; it's just a question of fitness for a given purpose. For Aquarium CO2 it's usable but not as convenient and smootly operating as something much more expensive. *And*, imo, the knob is is too darned small!  
I did like that Cippards had a "Lock" for the knob setting but did't like that the setting changed when you applied the lock. I got rid of the Clippards I had and got more swagelocks-- in fact I think I gave some of those away too since I had more valves than tanks. But that's a decadence not everyone will be willing to explore. I think Clippard is a good choice if economy is the primary driving factor. The action isn't as nice as a swagelock but as with regulators, if you ca put up with a stiction and a bit of sloppiness in adjsutments, you can save a lot of money on a very servicable unit.

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I actually had to raise the pressure in order to gain any functionality at
all. I prefer running at 10-15 psi, in order to have even a modicum of
control while using the Milwaukee needle valve I had to raise the pressure
to 25 psi, otherwise it would tend to full open or full closed (no bubbles
as opposed to LOTS of bubbles). For me, in the tank it is working on, it is
not problem since I use a "set it and forget it" approach, the tank is a 125
planted discus and the CO2 is kept at ca. 20 ppm. I really only mentioned
the poor quality of the needle valve since I believe Steve will want to
experiment with different CO2 levels, for me this isn't a problem, I am long
past wanting to see rampant plant growth or bubbles in the water column (I
am one of those bubble haters <grin). So my long winded way of saying "I
agree with you 100%"
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